Frequently Asked Questions

What is dotcomtown?

Dotcomtown is the perfect solution for individuals and businesses looking to start or drive more organic traffic to their website, social media account, blog page, etc. You can take an established high ranking domain name that is memorable and trustworthy in the digital world and use it as your own or point it to any other site you want!

Dotcomtown simply makes getting started with web-based endeavors easier than ever before - just choose from one of our many available domains today.

What is dotcomtown's mission?

Lets face it: When it comes to running a business, every penny counts. In this day and age of tech savvy consumers who are connected through social media 24/7, the first thing you want is an easy-to-remember domain name that will keep your customers coming back. Top level domains can cost THOUSANDS and just look at how much money some companies spend on pay per click advertising in order to acquire new clients: $35-$65 PER CLICK! With dotcomtown's low monthly fee, you'll get all the benefits (including organic traffic) without any headaches, contracts or obligations.

How do I purchase a domain?

With just a few clicks, you can have your domain name up and running in minutes. Follow these easy steps:

1. Pick from our inventory of domains.
2. Choose your purchase plan.
3. Provide us with the URL you want to redirect the traffic to and we'll take care of everything else!

What happens after my purchase?

After your purchase you will receive an email containing your account details and credentials. You can log into your account to change the redirect link or make adjustments at any time.

How long can I keep the domain name?

Keep the name for as long or short as you want, there are no contracts or commitments.

Do I need to have a website to buy a domain?

No, technology is evolving and websites are no longer the only way to promote your product or service. In fact, there are many individuals and businesses who use domains as an SEO strategy by directing them towards their social media pages or websites with the intention of driving traffic. Take for example, their domain is directed to draw new customers to their Instagram page. Meanwhile, Wiley Science Solutions uses the domain to bring people in from outside sources to their spectroscopy website. All it takes is some creativity!

Our question to you is, how will you use your new domain?

If I purchase a domain can dotcomtown build a website for it?

Absolutely! We'd love to build your website and have all the tools under one roof from hosting, domain registration, and web development that will bring any vision into reality. We are always looking ahead at what is coming next in order to provide our clients with a seamless experience whether they need an update on their existing site or want something completely new implemented altogether! In addition our team will be adding another plan which includes web development soon but until then if you need a new site fast contact us for details on this unbeatable offer.